Monday, April 11, 2011

Photos From New Tampa Library Author Day!

Adam, a local 4th grader, interviewed me for a school project. Great job with the questions, Adam! Find my books at http://www.Sharon

About 30 authors read from their books, answered questions from the audience and networked with each other. I missed a few photos and cards, but most are here. This event was organized by the Florida Writer's Association and the websites for the authors are below with their name. If there is no website, search at

Top Group:

Phillip Rice - Mixed Bag

Loretta C. Rogers - Novels

Daniel Springer - The Wilco Project

Dr. Johnson-Taylor

G.A. Teske - Fantasy

Armin K. Wendt - Memoir
A Sweet and Sour Krout's Journey to America

Barbara Vaka - Hank's Mountain

Marsha A. Moore - Fantasy Romance

Wendy Van Horn - The Fancy Files

Second Group:

Charles Jacobs - Editorial Services

Wendell Speer - Simon Peppercorn

Katherine Lois
- Pretty Special Woman

Rebecca Nunez - A Tail About Spike

Ersula Odom - Life Lyrics

Harry Oller - Mortgage Idiocy and Hairy-Legged Woman

Eugene Orlando - Electronic Publishing

Third Group:

George Arthur Davis -
In the Rough
Street Life

Katherine Duke - Love Always

Larry B. Fullen - The Broncos of 1945

Florida Writer's Assoc & Toni Martin

Susan Noe Harmon - To Hide the Truth

Joyce Moore - Historical Romance

Fourth Group:

Kelly Abell - Blood Harvest Moon

Robert Beard - The Runaway and others

Ami Blackwelder - Romance

Sasenarine Persaud - In a Boston Night and others

Suzin Carr - I Choose

Chris Coad Taylor - Suspense & Thrillers