Friday, January 27, 2012

Beloved Horses February Sale!

Do you know a horse lover? One that loves to read about their passion? The Beloved Horses set of true horse stories is the perfect Valentines Day gift for the horse lover in your life! These books are great for readers young and old.

For the month of February, the set of four is on sale for $50 with FREE shipping!

Or, if you just want one book, each are discounted to $12.95 (retail for $14.95) with $4 shipping (Priority Mail). Buy two or more of any of my books (see for FREE shipping.

Each book has a collection of 20+ stories about the special bond between a horse and rider. Some stories are educational (learning to canter or jump, swimming with horses etc), some are funny and some are inspirational.

Beloved School Horses is about the horses and ponies in my Unicorn Stables (1975-2000), while the other three include anecdotes from international renowned riders ( such as Katie Prudent on the cover of Beloved Sport Horses, and Chester Weber in Beloved Horses in Second Careers) as well as backyard horse owners. Each has a sketch or photos with the fond memory.

All the books are signed to that special someone, and Visa / Master Card is accepted. E-mail me your order to or call me at 814-937-0704.

For those with Kindle or Nook, e-books of the Beloved Horses series is on sale for $2.99! See their sites and search by title.

The 5th book in this series is in production now and will be released this fall. It will feature horses and breeds from around the world.

Happy Trails!

Sharon Miner