Monday, May 19, 2008

Philadelphia Book Festival

What a wonderful time I had in the City of Brotherly Love! The festival's upbeat spirit was not broken by the blustery winds on Saturday nor the raindrops Sunday afternoon.

I shared the Infinity Booth with a few authors each day and enjoyed sharing our publishing insights. I had a chance to walk around the festival and chat with other authors. I was delighted to see my friend, Austin Camacho, there with his mystery books. At the end of this message is a list of the authors that attended, their books and URL's if they have one.

I had coloring pages made from the sketches in my horse books and the youngsters who stopped by enjoyed being artists! I displayed some of their work while others chose to take their artwork home. I even met a few adult horse lovers!

Several costumed characters entertained the crowds and I'm pictured with a Star Wars storm trooper! Darth Vadar made an appearance and Winnie the Pooh!
Check out the books by these authors (the books can be bought at Infinity's site at -
Bob Swiatek(NY) novelist and humorous cookbook
Bob O'Connor (WV) Civil War Fiction
Tom Archer (PA) novelist: "Burnt Popcorn and Cheap Perfume"
Roberto DiVincenzo (NJ) memoirs: "First Male Born" and "Last Male Born"
Chris Forman (NY) mystery series
Joe Sindoni (PA) self help book
Ron Gardner (NJ) stroke survivor
Irma Jenkins (NJ) novelist "Dear Honeybunches"
Gerry Stampfel (NJ) fantasy "The Warrior's Path"
Austin Camacho (VA) mystery
Happy Reading!