Monday, January 19, 2009

Visit a bookstore on Valentine's Day! Updated 1/22

Mark your calendars: Febraury 14, 2009 is Kids Heart Authors Day! Children's authors from New England to Florida are banding together to promote reading, children's books and independent bookstores. Visit the New England Blog at

Florida Kids Heart Authors has joined the campaign. I'll be at the Baroni's Twice Read Tales Bookstore in Ocala (Six Gun Plaza on Rt. 40) from 10 am until noon. I'll be doing free face painting, readings from my BELOVED HORSES SERIES and signings. Read about the books & Search Inside at Visit the book store site at
UPDATE!! Local author, Neal Tiffany, will be joining me as well! His book, BACHELOR FATHER PIONEER, is about his journey to adopt a boy and Neal was one of the first bachelor fathers to do so. It's a great story and shares how a family can be non-traditional in form. Visit
Another Florida children' s author, Nancy H. Murray, of Jacksonville, Florida, will also be participating. learn more about her book, GULLAH, THE NAWLEANS CAT MEETS KATRINA, at, She'll offer a reading, with a dramatic presentation of the book. Store TBA. Nancy won First Place in the Roya Palms Literary Award for unpublished novel: The Night the Elephants Cried - A Story of the Tsunami. Contact her for more info at
I'll be adding more authors as they contact me! Keep checking back!