Monday, March 14, 2011

Photos from HITS Ocala Kids Day!

What a fun day in Ocala! Youngsters enjoyed decorating horseshoes with "bling" at my table as well as purchasing horse books and my mystery novels for teens.

There was also interesting guests:

The Ocala Wild Life Sanctuary brought a live owl that had been rescued.

Judy's Tack Shop (set up at HITS) brought Minis.

Beauty's Haven Equine Rescue from nearby Morriston.

The Brion Kenyon Band played for the crowd.

Trick Horse Trainer, Carole Fletcher, brought her Dog & Pony Show.

Author Thea Wilcox brought Puddleby and his pet pig (From her children's book, Puddleby; see my review at and he gave Thea kisses!