Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Career Day at Space Coast Jr/Sr High School

My great-granddaughter, Selena (far right in first photo), invited me to her school for
Career Day at Space Coast Jr/Sr High located in Cocoa, Florida. My booth was one of a roomful to help students decide about their futures. I hope I inspired some who spoke with me!

Above are photos from the event. Below are Writing Tips I promised to post.

The A, B, D's - a guide to writing reports, letters, articles and manuscripts.

A is for ACTION: The first sentence, the first paragraph and the first chapter should grab the reader’s attention and give an idea what you are writing about.
Non-Fiction: Open with a question, statistic or an amazing fact.
Fiction: Open with the main character facing a problem (external conflict). Give a description and make the reader care about the character.

Non-Fiction: Explain your opening. Fiction: Give the setting (place, time, climate etc), other characters, sub-plot and inner conflict (theme)

D is for DEVELOPMENT (skip C for now):
Non-Fiction: Facts, quotes, pros-cons of article
Fiction: Red herrings, twists-turns in plot, obstacles for the protagonist to reach goal

C is for CLIMAX:
Non-Fiction: Question to editor/agent, result of study, connect back to beginning
Fiction: Protagonist attains goals (inner & external conflicts resolved).

E is for ENDING:
Non-Fiction: Salutation on letters, concluding paragraph
Fiction: How the characters have changed; lessons learned; what’s next?

Best of luck with all your writing! Follow this blog for more tips, events and insights.