Monday, February 3, 2014

Reader Reviews Wanted! Win a Free Book!

Attention Book Lovers!

I'm working on final revisions for my latest historical fiction novel, The Wildcat Orphan.  And I need pre-publishing reviews to include in the final project!

If you love to read this genre, both children eight years through adults are invited to participate and win a free copy of the book if your blurb is selected for promoting the book.

What is the story about?

In 1897, a horse-loving orphan boy is banished from his first foster home in New York and sent by train to Colorado where his assigned family fails to meet him so he's taken home by the town drunk. Mac is determined to control his Irish temper in order to be accepted by his new foster family despite a cold welcome from the teenage son. The ten-year-old learns about western family life and mining gold in the Rocky Mountains while trying to avoid a strange man who seems to be following him. 

How to Enter?

 E-mail me your request to enter at with your name, age if child or "adult" if over 18 years, and state. If under 18, please note that you have your parent's permission.

I will reply that I received your request and send you some sample first chapters with a deadline to return a quote for a review.