Monday, September 14, 2009

Horse Stories Wanted!

I'm searching for more horses to include in my fourth book of the BELOVED HORSES series. The theme will be horses in second careers and will feature both famous and backyard horses.

So many wonderful horses have lived two lives. Some start their younger years on the racetrack and later train as show horses. Or show horses become therapy mounts, Western cutting horses retire to trail riding and school horses end up as family pets. College equestrian programs and police mounted troops are always seeking and receiving horses who retired from a previous life. I’d love to share with horse lovers young and old stories about those special horses.

My horse books are illustrated collections of true short stories describing the unique bonds between horses and their riders. The anecdotes are amazing, amusing and inspirational. The third book of the series, BELOVED SPORT HORSES released in 2007, features a variety of equine athletes including Belladonna ridden by Katie Prudent.

I'll be meeting horse owners while on my Equestrian Book Tour from September 19th through 27th starting from Tampa. I'll be stopping at independent book stores and tack shops along the way in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey and Connecticut. Follow my travels here where I'll be posting locations where I stop.

I'll conduct interviews in person and by e-mail beginning January 2010, but I'm building a list of contacts now. Submitters receive a complimentary copy upon publication. To learn more about the books, visit and

To submit a horse for consideration, e-mail me at with a brief description of the horse and its skills.

Happy Trails!